3rd-graders excel at keyboarding

History has been made at Oconto Falls Elementary School. For the first time in the 17-year history of the Mask-Free Club, two third-grade keyboarding students, Anthony Rosselli and Cole Bozile, are mask free.

The students’ keyboarding skills have improved so much they no longer need to cover their keyboards, a technique used to teach them how to use a keyboard without looking at the keys.

Only two previous students, Calise Conley in 2002 and Clayton Rathsack in 2011, have become mask free during third grade.

Other members of this year’s Mask-Free Club are Madison Uelmen, Dawson Przybylski, Faith Gunderson, Taylor Currie, Tess Maggio, Athena Gerndt, Sophia Collar, Brookelyn Zadow and Hannah Sonnenburg.