Students create smoothie flavor for A&W

The Oconto Falls High School marketing class taught by Tracy Tate recently partnered with A&W in Stiles to learn about product creation and product development. The class assignment was to create a smoothie to be sold at A&W.

All of the students identified two flavor combinations they thought would taste good. Then they visited A&W to try out their flavor combinations and decided as a class what tasted the best. The top three smoothies were Strawberry-Lemon-Lime, Dr. Cherry and Pina Cereza.

The class also created a marketing research survey open to the students at OFHS. Students voted for their favorite smoothies, based on how well the smoothie was marketed. The winning smoothie was Strawberry-Lemon-Lime, created by Aidan Rafferty, Nate Trepanier, Natalie Olsen, Owen Walters, Tyler Mielke and T.J. Euclide. It will be available at A&W in Stiles throughout the summer.

The marketing class learned the value of writing informative questions, advertising a new product, product creation and development, and the importance of teamwork. Barb Gretzinger, A&W owner, and Jeff Fritz, store manager, helped to make the project a success.