Lemon pie, very pretty …

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Did you know know that Aug. 15 was National Lemon Meringue Pie Day?

Well, neither did I, but Marilyn came home from Piggly Wiggly with a pie with about 3 inches of meringue on top. “It was on sale,” she said with a big smile on her face, “and I had a coupon!” She loves sales and coupons, and she loves lemon meringue pie. What a great day!

So, then I went looking for some quirky stuff about lemon pie because a friend challenged me to write a column about lemon pie. I found out that Aug. 15 was also National Failures Day. I suppose that could mean that the meringue on a lemon pie fell, right?

I also found out that there’s a novel, published in 2011, titled “Lemon Meringue Pie,” by Keith Watson, but I couldn’t find out why the book was given that title from the brief blurb that was given on Amazon.com.

Another book I found was called “Lemon Meringue Pie Murder” by Joanne Fluke. Again, no clue for the choice of title. What’s up with that?

Lemony Snicket says, “There are two kinds of fears, rational and irrational, but if they were afraid of lemon meringue pie, this would be an irrational fear, because lemon meringue pie is delicious and has never hurt a soul.”

I suppose everyone has heard the quote: “If life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie.” Good advice.

Marilyn has a few food-related passions. She loves Peeps, those fluffy marshmallow bunnies, chicks, ghosts, whatever. She loves Twizzlers, especially the red ones, but she’ll take the black ones, too. She loves sea-salted chocolate caramels. But more than anything she loves lemon meringue pie.

For several years, early in our marriage, I’d go to the Bon Ton Bakery in downtown Beaver Dam and order a special lemon pie decorated like a birthday cake for her birthday. The decorator at the bakery looked at me strangely when I asked him to do it, but he finally agreed to give it a try. The result was a masterpiece of confection, and Marilyn loved it. But then, after several years, he retired, and no one else was willing to tackle it.

But Marilyn doesn’t just love lemon meringue pie, she likes almost anything lemony: jelly beans, lemon drops, lemon bars, lemon taffy, you name it. She likes lemon.

To end this little challenge, here’s a poem by Edgar Guest. It’s called “Lemon Pie.”

The world is full of gladness,

There are joys of many kinds,

There’s a cure for every sadness,

That each troubled mortal finds.

And my little cares grow lighter

And I cease to fret and sigh,

And my eyes with joy grow brighter

When she makes a lemon pie.

When the bronze is on the filling

That’s one mass of shining gold,

And its molten joy is spilling

On the plate, my heart grows bold

And the kids and I in chorus

Raise one glad exultant cry

And we cheer the treat before us

Which is mother’s lemon pie.

Then the little troubles vanish,

And the sorrows disappear,

Then we find the grit to banish

All the cares that hovered near,

And we smack our lips in pleasure

O’er a joy no coin can buy,

And we down the golden treasure

Which is known as lemon pie.

So, OK, Bill, satisfied?

Roger VanHaren can be contacted at rjmavh@gmail.com.