Morgan Musings: New town hall is impressive


Megan (Strand) Oswald

Hello, Morgan residents! Thanks for being interested in small-town news.

I toured the new town hall during the open house on Jan. 6 and was very impressed with the new facility. The roughly 4,100-square-foot town hall features a large gathering room with tables and chairs available to seat about 100 people, with an adjacent spacious kitchen.

The kitchen has a pass-through counter to the large gathering room and features an abundance of counter space and outlets. There is also a smaller meeting room for monthly town meetings, designated office space, modern restrooms and plenty of storage. The parking area is freshly blacktopped, and the building is ADA compliant.

The new hall would be a comfortable location to host your next event, and hall rental can be arranged by contacting any town board member.


Feb. 20 is the date of the spring primary election, with polls open for voting from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Contests for State Supreme Court Justice and Pulaski School District Zone 2 board member will appear on the ballot.

Departing town clerk Char Borghese is so very appreciative of the excellent efforts put forth by the town poll workers and was touched by the standing ovation she received at the two-year certification meeting.

For the coming election cycle, the senior chief inspector is Carolyn Gaertig; chief inspectors are Shirley Kaczmarowski and Cindy Wahl; inspectors/poll workers are Connie Aprill, Kathy Filipiak, Kayla Filipiak, Dana Gaulke, Joan Korzeniewski, Verna Peterson, Janice Westphal and Michelle Zablocki.

The April 3 election will include two contested races for Oconto County Board. In District 7, incumbent Ron Korzeniewski stepped down after many years of distinguished service. In contention for this county board seat are Fran Wranosky and Dave Behrend. In District 21, Leonard Wahl is challenging recently appointed Tim O’Harrow of Oconto Falls.


The Green Valley-Morgan Fire Department would like to give a friendly reminder to area residents to keep their driveways clear of deep snow during these winter months. Precious time can be saved during an emergency if rescue vehicles and personnel can quickly and safely access the scene of an emergency.

Respectfully submitted by “Megan from Morgan” - Megan (Stranz) Oswald.