Bloom set to continue baseball career in college

Oconto Falls senior heading to Edgewood College

Oconto Falls High School senior Kamdan Bloom will continue his baseball career at Edgewood College, in Madison, as a catcher in the fall.

Oconto Falls senior Kamdan Bloom will get to continue his catching career at Edgewood College next year.

The Madison school recruited Bloom to the Division 3 baseball team, giving him the opportunity to keep playing the sport he started at just 4 years old.

“My mom signed me up for tee-ball around that age,” Bloom said, “and it just became the sport I stuck with since then.”

Bloom also credits his old coach, the late Cliff Yuma Sr., for his continued dedication to the sport.

“(Yuma) was a mentor to me throughout my whole little league career,” Bloom said. “He’s the reason I’m the player I am today. We’d play in little league tournaments and get our butts kicked and he always taught us to never give up, and it’s something I’ve held onto as I’ve grown in baseball.

“He sadly passed away from cancer my seventh-grade year, so since eighth grade I’ve been playing baseball to honor him. I know he’s been watching.”

Bloom played through middle school and joined the Oconto Falls High School junior varsity team his freshman year. He got varsity reps his sophomore season as designated hitter and earned honorable mention in the North Eastern Conference after taking over the catcher position junior year.

He was also a Fox River Valley Legion all-star last year and was selected for the Under Armour Baseball Factory team the past three years.

“I really think a lot of my confidence in high school came from (head coach) Charlie Rochon putting me in the lineup as a young sophomore,” Bloom said. “He gave me the confidence that I could handle the varsity pace, and that made me feel like I could handle the position I wanted to play at catcher.

“The catcher is the quarterback of baseball, if you will. I was drawn to the position because of the fact that my leadership qualities come out in that position.”

Bloom is a mutli-sport athlete, playing football throughout his high school career and basketball until junior year, but baseball was the sport he naturally found himself most engulfed in.

“I had the ambition and talent to play baseball,” he said, “so I just focused on it. I’d be playing it whenever possible and putting all of my extra time and effort into it. So it just made sense to continue with it.”

Before committing to Edgewood, Bloom had options to play at St. Norbert’s, in De Pere, and Rippon College, in Rippon. He was ultimately drawn to Madison because of the city’s diversity.

“It’s the melting pot of every culture,” said Bloom, who plans on studying special education. “I haven’t experienced much of that in my life so far, so that was a huge factor in the decision. Edgewood is also a great program that seems to fit me perfectly. I’m just so honored and happy to be able to continue playing the game and making everyone who has helped me throughout the years proud.”