Years Gone By: Jan. 9


Oconto Falls Community Library staff

110 years ago • Jan. 7, 1909 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: A grand dance for the benefit of Hose Company Number 1, will be given in Music Hall, Oconto Falls, on Jan. 29. Music by Prof. Hall’s orchestra. Tickets 50 cents, proceeds are for the benefit of Hose Company Number 1.

OCONTO FALLS: The Bijou Theatre will be closed until further notice. This step has been made necessary due to certain conditions. The Bijou has provided entertainment for many years and the locals are sad to see it closed.

100 years ago • Jan. 10, 1919 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO COUNTY: $20,000 has been appropriated for construction on the road between Oconto Falls and Oconto. The bad turn at the town line between Stiles and Oconto Falls will be eliminated by cutting through from that point straight west to the center.

OCONTO FALLS: At a village meeting held Monday, the village trustees discussed the building of a permanent free library. Village trustees petitioned the Carnegie Foundation for funds and discussed building the library on a lot next to the high school on Manufacturer’s Street.

90 years ago • Jan. 3, 1929 • Gillett Times

GILLETT: The attendance at the Community Orchestra concert last Thursday evening was pitiful. Not more than 25 persons were there. From the turnout, one begins to wonder if we really want to have this organization continue.

90 years ago • Jan. 3, 1929 • Oconto Falls Herald

STILES: The confession of Alvin Schmerth in several newspapers telling of the Farmer’s Exchange Bank robbery left the impression that a part of the loot was still hidden in a deep ravine near Stiles. As a result, there was a veritable “gold rush” when it was found that nearly half the population was hunting for buried treasure. None of the alleged hidden money was found.

80 years ago • Jan. 5, 1939 • Gillett Times

SURING: Two cars filled with young people from Suring who were on their way to attend a party at George Lartz’s home in Hickory were involved in an accident on New Years Eve. The cars were considerably damaged, but the occupants were uninjured when the car driven by Howard Johnson skidded on some ice near Hickory and slid to the side of the road. The car driven by Lynden Duescher struck the Johnson car in the rear, and it rolled over.

80 years ago • Jan. 5, 1939 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO: The people of the city were astounded to learn that the Oconto County State Bank, by vote of its board of directors, had voluntarily closed its doors for liquidation. Depreciation of the bank holdings and the fact that the assistant cashier had signed an affidavit to the effect that he has misappropriated funds amounting to approximately $8,400 were contributing reasons for the action.

70 years ago • Jan. 6, 1949 • Gillett Times

ABRAMS: A chase which started at 6 p.m. New Year’s Eve ended 10 hours later when Oconto County Sheriff’s officers arrested Clifford Heider, 22, at his home in Abrams. In the wake of the chase, there were three wrecked autos and trucks with burned-out bearings.

70 years ago • Jan. 6, 1949 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Stan Schmidt had the misfortune to fracture his leg when some freight he and Len Lemorande and Jack Patterson were carrying fell and landed on him.

60 years ago • Jan. 1, 1959 • Times Herald

GILLETT: Francis Thomson, Gillett, agent for Farmers Mutual and American Family Life of Madison, became district manager for the companies in south-central Wisconsin on Jan. 1, 1959. Francis’ successor agent in the Gillett area is Melvin Block, who was raised on a farm near Gillett.

50 years ago • Jan. 2, 1969 • Times Herald

VIETNAM: Marine Lance Corporal Michael J. Flynn, Suring, celebrated Christmas in Vietnam this year as a member of the First Marine Division.

40 years ago • Jan. 3, 1979 • Times Herald

LENA: Between 38 and 40 head of cattle were lost in a fire that destroyed a barn on the Joseph Wos property about 4 a.m. Dec. 29.

30 years ago • Jan. 4, 1989 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Judy and Shane Senn have formed a new insurance agency called Hometown Insurance Agency.

GILLETT: Deanna Lynn Olson married Dean Patrick “Pat” Riley on Dec. 16. Attendants were Debbie Olson and Tom Riley.

GILLETT: Fire destroyed the Ed Patzer home in the town of Gillett on Friday evening, Dec. 27.

25 years ago • Jan. 5, 1994 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Dr. John Culver, 71, died Monday morning, Jan. 3, at his home.

SURING: Club Fizz is now open on Main Street in Suring in the former T&C Shopping. Rose Marie Kempka is the owner.

OCONTO FALLS: An automobile belonging to Becky Hobbs was vandalized the night of Jan. 1 as it sat on South Washington Street. Eggs were thrown at the passenger side of the car.

20 years ago • Jan. 6, 1999 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Congratulations to Laura Pagel and Ashley Gratz. These two Panthers pom dance team members have been chosen to be members of the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII Pregame Performing Team.

SURING: Mildred Buseman, 85, died Dec. 29 at Woodland Village Nursing Home. She taught school for 40 years in various county schools.

GILLETT: Former Gillett student Pvt. Wade C. Werner II has recently completed Marine Corps basic training at Parris Island, S.C.

10 years ago • Jan. 7, 2009 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: The Burlington Liars Club bestowed the Award of the Champion Liar for 2008 on Garth Seehawer, of Oconto Falls.

TOWNSEND: The Wisconsin Community on Occupational Safety and Health selected George Arentz’s art work, citing it has a soul to it pertaining to the sense of community and to the ideals of the everyday working person.