Years Gone By: Feb. 13


Oconto Falls Community Library staff

110 years ago • Feb. 11, 1909 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: A 15-cent lunch social will be given at the parsonage of St. Jacob’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, by the ladies’ aid society, on Feb. 17 from 3 to 8 o’clock. The public is cordially invited.

LITTLE SUAMICO: C.H. Dillon, of Little Suamico, representing the Little Suamico Creamery Company, was in town Friday last. The Little Suamico company has leased the Oconto Falls creamery from Frank O’Neill and will commence making butter sometime next month.

100 years ago • Feb. 14, 1919 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO FALLS: The large barn now under construction by the Falls Manufacturing Co. is nearing completion. The barn is 40-by-80 feet in size and 41 feet high to peak of roof. The walls are of 1-inch tile.

OCONTO FALLS: Fred Wolf, a well-known resident on the west side of the river, dropped dead last Monday evening while sitting at a table in his daughter’s home. He experienced no premonitory symptoms and had never complained of heart trouble, so his sudden demise came as a terrible shock to his family and near friends.

90 years ago • Feb. 7, 1929 • Gillett Times

GILLETT: It is planned by the Gillett Advancement Association to rebuild the pavilion in Zippel Park at an approximate cost of $4,000. All the wooden truss work will be replaced by steel.

GILLETT: The fire department responded last evening to an alarm sent in from the John Kolberg residence where the chimney was burning out. No serious damage was done.

90 years ago • Feb. 7, 1929 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: A Sunlit delivery van, after delivering a consignment of baked goods to the local dealers, caught fire Wednesday morning on Main Street. The flames were quickly put out, and it was discovered a gas hose came unhooked.

OCONTO COUNTY: On Friday, Feb. 15, at the Gillett Grade School will be held the monthly Health Center. The March center is planned for Oconto Falls, at the Jefferson school. Oconto has such a center each month paid for by the board of education.

80 years ago • Feb. 9, 1939 • Oconto Falls Herald

MAPLE VALLEY: Ike Haave and Emil Nelson shot a wild cat while hunting in the town of Maple Valley last week. This was the second wild cat killed in that vicinity the past month.

BREED: A two-story chick house and granary combined, 85 white Leghorn hens and about 75 bushels of corn and small farm tools were destroyed by fire at the Jack Keller farm Friday morning.

KELLY LAKE: Charles Western and Edmond Erickson built an ice house for Jack Ellis recently.

70 years ago • Feb. 10, 1949 • Gillett Times

GILLETT: Mr. and Mrs. H.N. Lehner and Mr. and Mrs. Emery Ansorge, of Gillett, have just returned from Minneapolis, where they attended a conference of several hundred Purina feed dealers. The conference addressed developments and trends in the feed industry and new ideas in scientific farm management.

70 years ago • Feb. 10, 1949 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Magnus Hertwig, 86, retired businessman, died suddenly at his home following a stroke. Last week, he froze his hands. They were both blistered and had not healed, and it is believed the shock caused him to suffer the stroke.

60 years ago • Feb. 5, 1959 • Times Herald

OCONTO: The condition of two Oconto teens who were injured in an automobile-train accident is listed as “still serious” at the Oconto Hospital. The young folks had gone for a ride after leaving a March of Dimes dance.

MOUNTAIN: Don’t call us hillbillies any longer. We are getting modern up here in the woods. A plane (with skis) landed on French Lake. It was the TV repairman, Claude Bauman, from Wabeno. He checked French’s TV, then went on to another job at Pickerel Lake. The next day he returned with proper tubes and parts.

50 years ago • Feb. 6, 1969 • Times Herald

SURING: DAR Award for Suring this year is Sharon Herning.

LENA: Little Mitchell Ray Bellow will celebrate his birthday on Jan. 27. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bellow, of Lena.

40 years ago • Feb. 14, 1979 • Times Herald

GILLETT: The elementary school in Gillett held up to the pounding of thousands of little feet over its long career, but now it is bowing to the wrecker’s ball.

SURING: Michelle Waupoosee, 10, is now at the Shrine Burn Center in Galveston, Texas, as a result of 25 percent burns suffered in a home fire Feb. 4.

OCONTO: Mr. Ken Caebe of Marinette is the new full-time pharmacist at Oconto Pharmacy.

30 years ago • Feb. 8, 1989 • Times Herald

POUND: Elizabeth Washebek, 53, died Monday, Feb. 6, as a result of a traffic accident.

OCONTO FALLS: The Outstanding College Student of America is pleased to announce Kathie Schindel has been selected as a new member.

STILES JUNCTION: One person was killed and four seriously injured in a collision between a semi-truck and ambulance Monday. The accident occurred at the intersection of Highways 22 and 141 when the ambulance went through a red light.

25 years ago • Feb. 9, 1994 • Times Herald

OCONTO: Brian A. Heim, 28, Oconto Falls, charged with kidnapping and causing bodily harm to a high school cheerleader in September, changed his plea today from not guilty to no contest on both charges. Sentencing will take place March 28. Heim is free on $60,000 property bond.

OCONTO FALLS: The Oconto Falls Woman’s Club celebrated its 90th anniversary Jan. 31 at the Community Memorial Library. In commemoration, the club is offering a $200 scholarship to a deserving senior at this year’s graduation ceremony.

SURING: The Suring School District recently received a $26,082 check from Wisconsin Public Service for the installation of energy-efficient lighting in the new and remodeled areas of the school building.

20 years ago • Feb. 10, 1999 • Times Herald

OCONTO: Paul Trepanier will make an appearance on the “Money Game TV Show” this weekend, with a chance to win in excess of $50,000.

GILLETT: A car driven by Chad Fisher, 18, Gillett, left the road and overturned Jan. 27 at state Highway 22 and Old 22 in the town of Gillett.

GILLETT: Emery Ansorge has donated $15,000 for the development of Honey Park, bringing the total to $40,000 for the project.

10 years ago • Feb. 11, 2009 • Times Herald

OCONTO COUNTY: Approximately 200 turkeys were found dead from intentional poisoning in a wooded area near a farm west of Pound. The Department of Natural Resources investigated a tip and found that the birds were poisoned with food left out as bait.

LENA: Sgt. Robert Brown, of Lena, is preparing to leave for training and go overseas later this month with the Green Bay-based B Company, 2nd Battalion, 127th Infantry Regiment.

MOUNTAIN: Robby McClain, of Mountain, is attending classes in the business administration program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay after receiving a kidney transplant three months ago. Pam Nelson, of Breed, donated her kidney.