Years Gone By: April 24


Oconto Falls Community Library Staff

110 years ago • April 22, 1909 • Oconto Falls Herald
OCONTO FALLS: BIDS FOR COAL - Sealed bids for coal to be used at the Water and Light Plant in Oconto Falls will be received by Village Clerk A.L. Holmes, up to Monday, May 3, 1909. A.L. HOLMES, Village Clerk.
OCONTO FALLS: Tuesday night someone turned in a fire alarm that called the department to a pile of burning brush at George Temple’s place. Shortly before 1 o’clock this afternoon, a burning chimney at George Trepanier’s residence was the cause of the fire laddies being called out. The assistance of the department was not needed.
100 years ago • April 25, 1919 • Farmer Herald
LENA: Ira Doney, pioneer resident of Oconto County passed away Sunday at his home near Lena. He had been a veteran of the Civil War and was a resident of the county for more than 50 years.
MAPLE VALLEY: Mrs. William Clark, a pioneer of Maple Valley, passed away at the home of her daughter in her 75th year. She had been a resident of the area for 41 years and will be remembered for her cheerfulness in her suffering.
90 years ago • April 18, 1929 • Gillett Times
OCONTO: Fire completely destroyed the farm dwelling of Hector Belongia in the town of Little River on April 12.
GILLETT: The congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church have made arrangements for a pipe organ to be installed in their church. A portion of it arrived this week.
90 years ago • April 18, 1929 • Oconto Falls Herald
OCONTO FALLS: Little Lee Allen Noel was struck by a car last Friday while running across the street on Green Bay Avenue. He was treated for a nose fracture, a badly scratched face and other minor injuries.
POUND: With potatoes selling at 20 cents and 25 cents a hundredweight, farmers have decided that the tubers are not worth hauling to market. They are feeding them to the hogs and using some as fertilizer.
80 years ago • April 20, 1939 • Oconto Falls Herald
MORGAN: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Birr, town of Morgan, quietly celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary Sunday with the immediate family and two sisters of Mrs. Birr present.
SPRUCE: Several from here attended the bridal shower given in honor of Mae Fait and Clarence Rupiper at Casey’s Hall on Saturday evening.
OCONTO FALLS: Celebrating their 23 years in business here in Oconto Falls, the Baumans are having one of their well-known sales.
70 years ago • April 21, 1949 • Oconto Falls Herald
OCONTO FALLS: Lawrence Garbrecht, 41, has been engaged to succeed Earl Redman as manager of the Oconto Electric Cooperative at Oconto Falls.
MORGAN: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Witt celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday evening. Friends and neighbors tendered a party for them in the evening.
OCONTO: Jocelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pries, had the misfortune to fall from her father’s car on the way back to Oconto after a visit with her grandparents. She was badly bruised but apparently not hurt otherwise.
60 years ago • April 23, 1959 • Times Herald
GILLETT: A grass fire on the Robert Krause property, southeast of County Gardens in Gillett, burned over a large area Wednesday afternoon.
GILLETT: Archie Kunkel, World War II veteran, was elected commander of the Luebke-Robinson Post 8314 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Gillett at the meeting of the post last week.
MAPLE VALLEY: Bob Asplund, son of Mr. Thure Asplund, has completed a short course in agriculture at the University. He plans to farm with his father in Maple Valley.
50 years ago • April 24, 1969 • Times Herald
GILLETT: Art Arndt was injured Saturday afternoon when a tractor with a scoop rolled ahead, pinning him between the scoop and a machine shed.
SURING: Bonnie Blazek, Suring, Oconto Falls High School graduate, is a member of La Crosse State University’s Symphony Band which will present a diamond anniversary concert Thursday, April 24.
MOUNTAIN: Michael Kandolf, 65, died Tuesday, April 15, at Community Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls after an illness of six months.
40 years ago • April 25, 1979 • Times Herald
MOUNTAIN: First services at the new Tabor Lutheran Church in Mountain were held Easter Sunday.
GILLETT: Emma Wolske, 67, died Tuesday evening, April 17, at her home after a long illness.
OCONTO: Airman Carlson has been assigned to Lawry Air Force Base Colorado after completing Air Force Basic Training.
30 years ago • April 26, 1989 • Times Herald
DEGANTOWN: Shirley Koslowski was a happy winner of $5,000 in the lottery. She purchased her ticket at Witt’s in Oconto Falls.
SURING: Charles Pendl, 67, died Monday, April 24, at Community Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls. Charles was municipal judge in Suring for over 20 years.
OCONTO FALLS: Lyle and Mary Rasmussen have purchased the old West Side Mart and have reopened it as Lyle’s West Side Mart.
25 years ago • April 27, 1994 • Times Herald
OCONTO FALLS: Firefighters responded to a fire at 3:55 a.m. Monday, April 18, at the Ray Schuessler residence on Splinter Creek Road, town of Oconto Falls. The mobile home, which was unoccupied at the time, was destroyed.
OCONTO: Matthew Dissmann, 18, died early Thursday morning, April 21, as a result of a traffic accident.
PESHTIGO: Mark Theide, manager of Steenberg Homes of Peshtigo, was named outstanding sales manager of the year at a recent corporate recognition ceremony in Wisconsin Rapids.
20 years ago • April 21, 1999 • Times Herald
ABRAMS: The first step toward a new town hall was taken at the Abrams annual meeting April 13, where almost 60 residents voted in favor of purchasing land for the new site.
OCONTO FALLS: A citizens group headed by Marie Magnin has been formed for the task of raising $20,000 to purchase a thermal imaging camera for the Oconto Falls Fire Department.
ABRAMS: The lights went out on 290 students at the Abrams Elementary School on April 16, closing the school and sending kids home about 11 a.m. The power outage was blamed on power lines getting wrapped around each other and causing the substation to trip off.
10 years ago • April 22, 2009 • Times Herald
GILLETT: A fire that apparently started in a laundry room quickly tore through Thompson’s Club 32 at state Highway 32 and Sandy Corners Road, and the building is expected to be considered a total loss. The fire was put out before causing significant damage to the adjacent residence.
PULASKI: The Pulaski Relay for Life 10-year anniversary event for cancer raised $60,200 on April 18. Attendees ranged in age from 1 month to over 90 years old.
ABRAMS: Bayland Telephone in Abrams celebrated 100 years in operation with an open house April 19. The company was founded as the Oconto Rural Telephone Company in 1909.

Compiled by Oconto Falls Community Library staff.