Former coach charged with child sexual assault

She allegedly had relationship with student, 15

Warren Bluhm,

A former assistant coach and substitute teacher with the Oconto Falls School District has been charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student more than five years ago.

Brynn M. Larsen, 29, was arrested Friday on charges of repeated sexual assault of the same child, second-degree sexual assault and two counts of child enticement for sexual contact, in connection with the relationship with one of her volleyball players beginning in October 2013.

The criminal complaint filed in Oconto County Court indicates school and police officials questioned Larsen and the girl at the time after they were seen leaving a restaurant holding hands, and another teacher saw them holding hands and kissing at a mall.

In 2013, both called it a close friendship, with the girl having sleepovers at Larsen’s house and staying in the same bed, but Larsen described the girl as “my best friend” and both denied having any sexual contact.

According to the complaint, school officials at the time had a discussion with Larsen about boundaries and said it was “not a good idea for someone in her position to be sharing a bed with a 15-year-old girl.”

The matter was set aside until April, when the young woman, now 20, contacted Oconto Falls police and said “she needs to meet with them, and it’s time for the truth to come out,” the complaint said.

She told Detective Jamie Kuhn that the 2013 relationship did indeed include several encounters involving sexual contact.

The young woman gave Kuhn permission to use her Facebook account and, assuming her identity, Kuhn contacted Larsen via Messenger and engaged in a two-hour discussion during which Larsen acknowledged the sexual relationship, said she did not regret having a relationship (but regretted other things), and said she isn’t a pedophile because she never “went after” the girl or “made her do anything she didn’t WANT to do,” the complaint said.

Larsen, who is identified in the complaint as currently working at a Catholic middle school in the Green Bay area, was being held in the Oconto County Jail pending an initial court appearance.