Years Gone By: Nov. 7

110 years ago • Nov. 11, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: PHANTOM PARTY — Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Delbridge entertained about 40 guests at a “phantom party” at their home on Main Street last Saturday night, and the occasion proved a most enjoyable one.

MORGAN: Snow flurries decorated the atmosphere here on Wednesday.

100 years ago • Nov. 1, 1918 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Due to new cases of Spanish influenza, the quarantine is still in place. This means schools, churches and theaters must remain closed.

STILES: Jule Vandeneck died at 11 o‘clock yesterday morning after an illness of less than four days. The cause of death is pronounced Spanish influenza. The immediate cause of his death was pneumonia, which developed from the Spanish influenza.

90 years ago • Nov. 1, 1928 • Gillett Times


Megan Musings: Firefighters visit Fairview School

A new electronic sign located in front of the Morgan Town Hall informs passersby of local meetings and events. (Photo by Megan Oswald)

Greetings, Morgan! October is Fire Prevention Month. As October comes to a close and heating season arrives, it is important to take time to talk to all members of your household about being mindful of fire safety and prevention.

Green Valley-Morgan Fire Department personnel visited students at Fairview School again this year as part of the Fire Prevention Week activities. The 2018 theme for Fire Prevention Week was “Look, Listen and Learn.” The main messages to students were to look for things that would start a fire, listen for your smoke alarms and learn your two escape routes.

Although these messages were aimed at students, people of all ages could benefit from reflecting on these three basic concepts. Students from 4-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade also had the opportunity to see the different types of firefighting equipment during the fire department’s visit.

Town Hall sign


Years Gone By: Oct. 31

110 years ago • Oct. 29, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

MORGAN: A hunters’ dance will be given by Herb Rymer in Evergreen Resort, Morgan, on Saturday, Nov. 7. Music by Hall’s orchestra. Check room and barn room free. A good time promised, and all are invited.

BREED: Many of our pleasure seekers attended the leap year party at Breed Sunday evening; all report a very enjoyable time, even if some of the boys made a mistake and went to Mountain on their way home.

100 years ago • Nov. 1, 1918 • Farmer Herald

STILES: FLU CLAIMS FIRST VICTIM: Jule Vandeneck, a farmer residing about two miles west of this village in the town of Stiles, died of pronounced Spanish influenza in less than four days.

OCONTO COUNTY: Three pounds of sugar can be bought for each person during the month of November. The restaurants can also have three pounds for every 90 persons.

90 years ago • Oct. 25, 1928 • Gillett Times


Years Gone By: Oct. 22

110 years ago • Oct. 22, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

GILLETT: Fire destroyed the farm house, barn and other out buildings belonging to Jule Coshenet in section 25, town of Gillett. The property loss is $1,200 with insurance of $600.

OCONTO FALLS: FOR SALE — A bunch of 30 sheep. Apply to WILLIAM E. VOLK. Oconto Falls, Wis.

100 years ago • Oct. 25, 1918 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO COUNTY: John Dinse and son Fred, of Morgan, appeared before the Oconto County Council of Defense to explain the picture of the kaiser and family displayed in their home. The matter was settled to the satisfaction of all present.

OCONTO FALLS: The local board of health considers it advisable to continue the present quarantine for at least another week, as the number of cases of scarlet fever has not been reduced to a degree sufficient to warrant taking any chance of an epidemic.

90 years ago • Oct. 18, 1928 • Gillett Times


Years Gone By: Oct. 17

110 years ago • Oct. 15, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Edward Young has purchased Otis Robert’s ice house and outfit and will conduct the business.

OCONTO FALLS: Miss Helen Hurley, for more than a year a compositor in The Herald office, has entered St. Mary’s Hospital at Milwaukee with the intention of becoming a trained nurse.

100 years ago • Oct. 18, 1918 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO FALLS: In obedience to an order issued yesterday by the county board of health, all churches in this village have been ordered closed until further notice in order to prevent the spread of the Spanish Flu.

OCONTO FALLS: Notice is hereby given that my wife, Mrs. Martha Mentzer, having left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, I will not be responsible for any debts or bills contracted by her or at her request from and after this date. HERMAN MENTZER, Town of Oconto Falls.

90 years ago • Oct. 11, 1928 • Gillett Times


Years Gone By: Oct. 10

110 years ago • Oct. 8, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: A Great Prohibition rally will occur in this village next Wednesday evening, at M.W.A. ball, on which occasion Rev. W.D. Cox, candidate for governor on the Prohibition ticket, will deliver an address.

MARINETTE: Henry Christofferson of Oconto Falls, who is employed at C.R. Keith’s shoe store, was taken to the Marinette Hospital Saturday, suffering from a very severe case of appendicitis.

100 years ago • Oct. 11, 1918 • Farmer Herald

HICKORY: The auction of J.S. Trever’s stock and implements last Friday was a big success. Several of the implements brought in more than the original cost, and large crowds attended.

OCONTO FALLS: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wolf received word that their son Arthur Wolf was seriously wounded in action in Northern France. They wait in suspense, as no details were disclosed as to the nature of the injury.


Years Gone By: Oct. 3

100 years ago • Oct. 1, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: The barn of Fred Tisch, north of the railroad track, burned last Friday afternoon. The barn was full of hay, all of which was destroyed, and also a good Sized pig.

OCONTO FALLS: Mr. Marcouiller has secured the services of an additional operator for the central telephone office. Miss Clara McCauley of Fond du Lac assumed her duties Monday.

100 years ago • Oct. 4, 1918 • Farmer Herald

STILES: A telegram received by relatives stated that Pvt. William Lucas of Stiles was missing in action. Letters have been received from him, however, stating that he was wounded July 18 and is in base hospital.

OCONTO COUNTY: The recent embargo issued by the government covering the shipment of logs and unmanufactured timber did not apply to timber or logs used in the manufacture of paper. The officials have at all times placed papermaking as an essential wartime industry.


Saving Abel to play Wildfire Trails with local bands

Members of Saving Abel, from left to right, are Jason Null (backing vocals), Scott Wilson (bass), Scott Austin (lead vocals), Steven Pulley (drums) and Scott Bartlett (rhythm guitar). (Contributed photo)

Take advantage of the warmer nights with an outdoor concert at Wildfire Trails. Four rock bands with Midwestern and Southern sensibilities join for a night of high-energy performances, a chance at a meet-and-greet and good times with friends as the summer months end.

Stryker Records and Main Stage Media present Saving Abel, Jamie Fontaine and the Level, Michael Alexander and Big Whiskey and Fahrenheit 420 at Wildfire Trails in Gillett on Friday. Doors open at 5 p.m., and the show starts at 7 p.m.

Saving Abel, a popular Southern rock band, has released four albums to date with particular hits like “Addicted” and “Drowning (Face Down),” and is working on a new album due out next year. The band plans on returning from a successful European tour to hit Wildfire Trails.

“We are excited. The Wisconsin folks are our kind of people — avid rock fans,” bass player Scott Wilson said.


Years Gone By: Sept. 26

110 years ago • Sept. 24, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: About 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, fire broke out in the Arkin residence, occupied by Oscar Sapbolt, but very little damage was done as the flames were quickly quenched.

OCONTO COUNTY: County Treasurer H.H. Behm, who was defeated for renomination by Joseph E. Keefe, has announced his intention to run on the independent ticket.

100 years ago • Sept. 27, 1918 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO FALLS: J.W. Reynolds has purchased the Main Street meat market from Joe N. Raiche and entered into possession of the property this morning. He has employed an experienced butcher.

MARINETTE: After 16 witnesses were examined, Mrs. Stephan H., Crivitz, whose husband charged that she was insane, was freed in county court.

90 years ago • Sept. 20, 1928 • Gillett Times


Years Gone By: Sept. 19

110 years ago • Sept. 17, 1908 • Oconto Falls Herald

MADISON: Wisconsin pupils have voted on what flower will become the state flower of Wisconsin. The most popular choice was the violet.

OCONTO FALLS: A meeting of the stockholders of a proposed telephone line took place at the village hall. The stockholders are proposing a telephone line to be strung between Oconto Falls and Sampson.

100 years ago • Sept. 20, 1918 • Farmer Herald

OCONTO COUNTY: Holt Saw and Planing Mill Oconto Company Saw and Planing Mill and Flooring Plant will close due to government embargo on shipments of all forest products east of the Mississippi River.

FLORENCE: Henry Keubel, deserter who broke out of jail in September, is still at large and is roaming around this part of the country practically at will. Fate seems to be kind to him, for he dodges bullets and sheriffs with equal ease.

90 years ago • Sept. 13, 1928 • Gillett Times


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